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Choosing Your Dance Wear

tutu-you-too-683200-mMany companies manufacture dance wear, costumes and fleece warm ups clothing for professional ballet dancers and students of ballet.

Ballet dancers usually wear either tights or leotards for comfortable body maneuver. The tights worn depend on the type of slippers that the dancer wears.

They can be footed with an elastic strap at the foot that is hooked onto the heel. Tights can also be footless ending at the ankle. Ballet tights are made of nylon, micro fiber, fishnet and other materials.

Tights come in a variety of colors, with the most popular being pink and black. Most dance schools require pink, footed tights for girls and black tights and white socks for boys. Brand names include Prima Soft, Danskin, Capezio and Mondor.

Leotards are available in a variety of designs and interesting fabrics like ribbed cotton and velvet.

Some of the more popular styles include the double-strap or cross-strap camisoles by Capezio, Leo’s Dancewear and Motionwear.

There are no specific brands of shoes that schools require but many encourage that girls wear pink and boys wear black or white for ballet.

Popular ballet manufacturers are Sansha, Bloch, Grisko, Capezio and Prima Soft. These companies have popular full-soled and split-soled shoes.

Capezio sells leather Romeos, split-sole ballet shoes designed especially for men.

Ballet dancing instructors can be strict about accessories, but most allow short skirts to be worn during variation classes, but only at the instructor’s discretion.

Some allow skirts that match your leotard, such as the Mirella collection that has skirts color coordinated to their leotard line. Some allow for creativity, and students can opt for the hand-dyed look of Watercolor skirts.

Fun accessories include unique dance bags and warm-ups. A popular style with girls and boys is the rip-stop nylon shoulder or messenger bags with cell-phone cases attached and bowling bags, along with the more traditional athletic bags. Jewelry is generally taboo, but girls are usually allowed to wear stud earrings. Tutu Etoile has a full line of the finest Tutu’s and accessories.

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