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Dust, Your Computer’s Worst Enemy

dusty-computer-7-472328-mIf you asked the average person what the most common cause of computer failures was, you would likely be met with some varied answers. Sunlight, drop damage in the case of laptops, electrical damage, overheating, or even moisture. What you won’t often hear is dust, when in fact dust is more likely to prematurely end the life of your PC than almost everything else mentioned.

Dust can seem so insignificant. When you see some on your keyboard you might wipe it away, and you probably vacuum around your computer tower from time to time, but have you ever considered the havoc that dust could be causing inside of your computer where you can’t see it?

A computer runs on electricity, and because of this it generates a significant amount of heat. The inside of a computer needs to be absolutely pristine to allow for adequate airflow and heat dissipation. An array of fans, passive cooling fins, and air channels ensure that when your computer was new, it was able to dissipate the heat that it produced and receive ventilation. When dust comes in to the picture, the cooling efficiency is greatly reduced.

When there’s too much dust inside either a desktop computer case, or in a laptop computer, performance can be affected and wear on parts is increased as they operate outside of optimal temperature ranges. Ensuring your computers are clean and dust free will help to keep them running longer, and better.

Evolution Tech performs Auckland computer repairs including dust removal and preventative maintenance. Talk to us today and let us help you to protect your investment so it’s always ready to go when you need it.

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What to Do if You are in an Accident

injury-817976-mWhile riding your bicycle, you’ll want to do all you can to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, inattentive drivers and the weather can negatively impact your bicycle safety on the road. This can lead to an accident where you need to rely on your bike safety gear and making sound choices.

The first thing you need to do is call 9-1-1. If you are hit while riding your bike, you should never assume that you are fine. The speed of the vehicle that his you, how you landed and if you were properly wearing your bike safety gear will all have an impact on your injuries. It is always a good idea to have medical personnel inspect you before you start to move around, unless there is a life threatening emergency that can result by remaining where you are at.

Have someone obtain information on the driver of the vehicle and take down a license plate number. The police will need this information when they are filing a report. When possible, get the information of witnesses who also witnessed the accident as their testimony may be required later on, depending on the circumstances. You can have these witnesses provide a statement to the officer also, so they can be included in the police report.

After you have been cleared, you can begin to work with the insurance company to handle medical claims and for the repairs of your bicycle or replacement. If you are uncomfortable with this, contact a lawyer that specializes in bicycle safety and accident cases. They will need the information you collected form the scene, what bike safety gear you were using and you’ll be asked to provide them with a statement.

An accident on your bicycle doesn’t have to escalate to something worse.

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Cold Hardy Apple Trees

apples-1435293-mApples are a wonderful and versatile fruit that can be used in many dishes from sweet to savory. Nearly everyone has their personal favorite for both cooking and snacking, and nothing is better than an apple fresh from the tree in your backyard. Preserving apples in the form of applesauce or pie filling can give you that fresh from the tree taste all year long and with the help of the spiral apple peeler it can be done faster and easier than ever. While most apple trees thrive in nearly any climate, some of the northernmost regions aren’t conducive to growing apples. The University of Michigan has been experimenting with various strains of cold hardy apples and has produced some very promising results. While most of these probably aren’t available at your local nursery, for the true apple lover, it may be well worth the time it takes to find out if they can order one for you.

Of the early season apples available from the University of Minnesota, the Zestar (which is trademarked by the University) is one of the best. These trees produce a large, juicy red apple with a crunchy texture and a sweet-tangy flavor. The Zestar is perfect for both eating fresh and cooking and the fruit itself stores well for up to 8 weeks. Apples ripen from August to September and the tree is very hardy in colder zones. The Zestar was introduced by the University in 1999.

Frostbite is another variety that is trademarked by the University. The Frostbite is a late season apple and smaller than average, with the mature fruits reaching only around 2 ½ inches in diameter. What this apple lacks in size however, it makes up for in taste. The Frostbite apple sports a striped, maroon skin on a yellow-gold background and its cream colored, juicy flesh has an intense sweetness unlike any other apple. This apple has been found to be nearly perfect for those who make cider.

Check with your local nursery as to the availability of these and other new apple tree varieties.

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Easily Organize Your Child’s Room

toys-in-the-box-1432265-mParents understand that children are messy. While it can be an uphill battle to get them to clean their rooms, there are things you can do to help combat the mess effectively. The following tips can help to organize your child’s room in a fun manner that lasts.

A good starting point is to add color that will entice your child to use the storage. Determine your child’s favorite color and pick up some storage tubs in that color. Use chalkboard labels on each of these boxes to dedicate a particular use for them. One can be for toys, another for sports equipment, or even doll dresses. Then have your child help you to label these chalkboard stickers with what’s inside.

While you are setting up and organizing the room, consider making it easy to put stuff away, while keeping messier items out of reach.

Toy Storage nets  such as this one from Kidde Time can be incredibly helpful to parents. This can help to cut down on the frequency of messes in the room and will give you better control over when specific items are played with. For example, if your child is getting ready to go to church with you, you won’t want them pulling out the finger paints.

In addition to storage for toys and other items, you’ll have a set of dresser drawers for your child. Use chalkboard stickers to help them keep items in the right drawers at all times. You can mark a drawer for their shirts and another for their pants and help them to keep track of their clothing easier.

It will take a little effort on your part to get things under way. But before you know it, your child will be taking better care of their room and it will look cleaner than it has in a long time. All thanks to a little help from some storage containers and your chalkboard labels.

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4 Signs Your Baby is Ready for Solid Foods

chubby-cheeks-361099-mHow do you know when it’s time to introduce solid foods to your baby? There are multiple signs you’ll want to look for before you pull out the plastic baby bibs and high chair. Here are four signs your baby is ready for solid foods. If you’re seeing all these signs in your baby, start stocking up on baby food and baby bibs online.

Sign #1 – Your Baby Can Sit Up with Little Support

Your baby needs to be able to sit up with little or no support before you begin feeding him solid foods. This position makes it easy for your baby to sit in the highchair. It also ensures that your baby can sit in a position that makes it easy to swallow foods without choking.

Sign #2 – The Tongue Thrust Reflex is Gone

Babies have a tongue thrust reflex when they are young, and this reflex will simply push solid foods out of the mouth if you try to feed your baby before the reflex is gone. Once this reflex is gone, you’re probably ready to begin trying solid foods.

Sign #3 – Your Baby is Interested in Your Food

Is your baby starting to show a lot of interest in your food? If so, he could be about ready to eat solid foods. Babies often start grabbing at foods when they are about ready to eat solids. When your baby shows interest in eating solids, along with some of the other signs, start buying baby food.

Sign #4 – Imitation of Eating Behaviors

When babies are ready for solid foods, they often start imitating eating behaviors. Do you notice that your baby is smacking his lips, gumming, and chewing? If so, this is another sign that you’re ready to start the fun of feeding your baby solid food.

In most cases, your baby will display all or most of these signs when he’s ready for solids. Watch for these signs so you can prepare for this new adventure.

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Martial Arts Exercises Will Improve Strength, Power, Speed, Quickness And Jumping Ability.

arte-marcial-172104-mWhen thinking of exercising you need to think about Martial Arts exercises, in specific, Hapkido Training. These Exercises help to improve Martial Arts. The benefits of doing this exercise is the fact you are working out and you do not get out breath doing these. You will also learn, as I did, self-defense in the process. Knowing how to protect you and your loved ones is an excellent motivator; I know it was for me. These exercises will increase your cardiovascular and help tone your muscles to where you can increase your strength, power, speed, quickness and jumping abilities.

I noticed that my flexibility was greatly improved which lessened the over all discomfort and stiffness associated with many other exercises. The kickboxing itself will help improve your mobility.

I also noticed that my overall outlook on life was greatly improved, which made my days more enjoyable and pleasurable. Many people comment that their anger is increased by not feeling well, or due to a lack of energy.

As a parent of a child who takes martial arts, you might notice that his or her attitude about everything is better along with improved schoolwork. You might even notice that his or her other sports activities improved and he or she will want to participate.

These following exercises are design with specifics parts of the body and will help your Exercises to improve Martial Arts. The first exercise we will go over is the Basic Squat. To do the Basic Squat properly, you need to face directly forward, while placing your feet a little farther apart than your shoulders. Keep your upper body and back straight, with your hands in the forward fighting positions. Once you are in this position, slowly bend your knees while keeping everywhere else still. Keep your head and eyes straightforward. Once you have lowered yourself to where your thighs are parallel with the ground slowly raise back up.

Remember to start out slowly, and once you and your body get comfortable doing them, you can increase your pace and repetitions.

Next is kicking. With kicking, you should start out slowly, going to the basic first and working your way into more advanced kicks. I do not recommend jumping or round house kicks until you and your legs have adjusted properly. Also be sure to alternate from one leg to another.

Once you have mastered kicking, you can move onto Squat Kicking. To Squat Kick, you need to start out in a basic squat position and this time, when you raise up, carry out your kick starting out with your right leg first. Repeat this until you are confident enough and your legs is used to the action and then move onto your left leg.

As with any exercise, I warn you to use caution. You will also want to wear the appropriate clothing, these need to be loose enough to move around in but not too loose to where you trip over them. Each of these Exercises helps to improve Martial Arts.

Martial arts training can be as effective for children as it is for adults, burning calories and assisting them to lose weight and to stay fit. Kids martial arts training can be a fun and unique way to keep them fit and get them away from the computer for a few hours. Call today to see what we have to offer you and your child.

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