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Professional Upholstery Service for a Clean Home

The signs of a happy home are reflected in the state of your furniture. The more kids, pets and great moments you have together, the more soiled and stained your sofa and settee upholstery would be. Building happy memories with your family is great, but it is even greater if you can build memories in a clean environment with some help from Brenton Carpet Careduck-board---background-1-1172284-m.

An active family can be faced with a messy home, if those settees and sofas are where you, your kids and pets do a lot of fun things together – artwork, eat, horsing around, etc. While it is serving its purpose well, it can become an eyesore in the short run. It can also be unhealthy for you and your family. If the furniture cost you a small fortune, you wouldn’t want your investment to go down the drain too after a few years of use. This is where Brenton can help you.

Brenton Carpet Care isn’t just good in cleaning carpets; it is also an expert in upholstery cleaning. So, when keeping your sofas and settees is becoming too much for you, think of how easy it is to keep your environment sparkly clean and wholesome that’s more than skin deep with Brenton.

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How To Safely Buy Antique Jewelry Online


Are you fond of collecting antique jewelry? Despite the economic instability, people still invest in antique pieces of jewelry. It is a good decision because the value increases over time. You should however take precautions and be careful purchasing them online. The antique jewelry business has some issues of fraudulence involved. Fake pieces and even illegal methods are often encountered. That is why it is crucial for antique jewelry enthusiasts like you to understand how to buy these precious pieces safely online. Below are some considerations before you have your heart set on making that big buy:

Perform a background check on the item you want. Using Google today makes it quite easily accomplished. Use all your information sources to determine the history of the antique piece of jewelry. Be aware if it was stolen. You should always make sure that you get an authentication certificate, hand-over letter, and bill from the seller upon purchase.

Ask an expert to help you authenticate the item and the documents that come with it. You have to make sure that you are buying genuine antique jewelrygenuine antique jewelry. Hiring a professional to confirm its authenticity is the best way to go. While you are at it, you can also have the documents checked as well. It is always better to go home with the real thing than with something you just thought as real.
Be certain of the antique jewelry’s real price.

An experienced appraiser can assist you in this. To double or triple check the price; you can always hire multiple jewelry appraisers. This is the only way to know the basic price you have to prepare for your big purchase.

Do your homework. See to it that you learn as much as you can about antique jewelry. Antique jewelers usually leave a distinctive mark. If the piece was made before the 1950s, the mark you need to look for is the jeweler’s initials. Also, take the time to know about the origin of the jewelry. You can easily do this online.

Be meticulous. Always check the jewelry for any damage or missing components as soon as you receive it from your seller.

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