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Fixing Up a Rental Bathroom

If you rent, you’re probably very tired of looking at your dingy rental bathroom. You can’t renovate, but you do have the option of changing the basin and the tapware! Talk to your landlord about it. If he knows that he doesn’t have to foot the bill and likes the design, then you’re good to go!

Brisbane bathroom renovation can be easily accomplished with just a few little additions and your bathroom will look like a million dollars.

If the vanity looks terrible, then you can add a fresh coat of paint and put in a new sink! Try adding something that adds to the appeal of the small space that you have to work with. A pedestal sink is a great option for those small bathrooms! You can add art to the walls and put in new tapware as well. A wall mounted mirror may be a great piece to add to the bathroom. Especially if you’re working with old tile. Don’t hide that 80-year-old tile. Shine it up and add vintage pieces.

If you have tiles in the bathroom that you don’t like, don’t try cluttering your bathroom by trying to hide them. You should choose a color palette that enhances the bathroom and makes the tiles rock instead of being an eyesore. By enhancing what’s already there you can make certain parts of the bathroom really pop instead of flop. As stated above, a wall mounted mirror can add a little era flare to your old style bathroom tile. With a few well-placed pieces of art and some towels in splashy colors, you can turn your tiny bathroom into a great little space.

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