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Designing a bathroom Melbourne

You have a chance to design your bathroom the way you want and that is exciting. You do need the design to make sense functionally as well as be a beautiful room. Going about the process in a logical manner will result in a bathroom you will be proud of. Here is some advice for designing a bathroom Melbourne homeowners take when they ask for advice to help them.

Start by mapping out where the water and waste lines as well as the water heater are in relation to the bathroom’s location in the house. This will tell you where your vanity and bathtub/shower should be. Once you know this, you can plan the rest of you bathroom. Depending on the size of the room, you may be able to plan more storage than most bathrooms have.

With a rough bathroom floor plan mapped out, you are ready to get more detailed. What kind of bathroom  vanity and what kind of bathtub and shower you want are to be considered and planned for. What taps are you interested in and what will go well in your bathroom?

To help you decide, you might look at pictures of bathrooms in magazines and online. Then start shopping for everything you need. It is best to buy everything for one supplier if at all possible so you can be sure they all fit the design you have in mind.

When designing a bathroom Melbourne residents count on Bathroom Warehouse to have the types and styles of bathroom fixtures and accessories they want.

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