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The Best Season For Pool Installation

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Popular Bathroom Remodeling Styles

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Disadvantages of a Concrete Pool

Compared to fiberglass pools, concrete pools are not only more expensive but cost much more to maintain. The cost of having a concrete pool placed on your property is quite a lot more expensive compared to a diy fiberglass pool kit. The chances of you putting in your own concrete pool are very slight, but you can purchase a fiberglass pool kit and install it yourself in a matter of days. A fiberglass pool is also much easier to maintain than a concrete pool.

A concrete pool is very porous and requires a ton of cleaning due to the fact that those small pores grow a disgusting amount of algae. You can’t get away with simply scraping a concrete pool. Not only do you have to drain that concrete pool to clean it properly, but you also have to sweep it, pressure wash it, and use algaecide to kill all of the algae that inevitably turned your pool green.

Of course, then you have to bleach it to clean the green stains out of the pool. In a word, concrete pools can be disgusting. You won’t have to do such things with a fiberglass pool because the fiberglass isn’t porous. No algaecides and no bleaching! Fiberglass pools aren’t just cheaper to install, they’re also the cheapest pools to maintain! Get more information from

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