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How To Change The Seal On Your Toilet

You need to shut off the water supply that is going to your toilet. Once that’s done, you need to flush the remaining water and remove any left over water that may remain in the tank or the bowl. Having a wet/dry shop vacuum is a really handy piece of equipment to have around the house. It’ll help you get rid of the remaining water very quickly.

Next, detach the water line hose from the back of the toilet so that you can remove the toilet safely. Remove the bolts holding the toilet to the floor. When you’re removing things, use moderate pressure. If you use too much, you run the risk of damage to the toilet or the anchor flange. If you need to, you can remove the back of the toilet from the bowl to make moving the toilet easier. Keep the toilet level while you’re moving it to avoid spilling any water that may still be inside of it. Make sure that you check the drain to make sure that the wax ring isn’t still attached to the toilet.

Installing the New Wax Ring

Step 1.

Wearing disposable gloves is a good idea when removing the wax ring. It’s really sticky and, let’s face it, it’s been under your toilet for years. Eww. You’re going to want to clean any remaining wax that is left on the toilet anchor flange. If you’re reinstalling the same toilet, make sure to drain the bottom of the toilet. Remove the old mounting bolts and be certain that the anchor flange isn’t damaged at all. After you remove the old ring, plug up the drain with a ball of rags or a towel that large enough to keep from falling down the drain. The reason for this is to keep any gross sewer gas from coming up into your face while you’re working.

Step 2.

With a new pair of gloves on, push the replacement wax ring into place around the ring at the bottom of the drain on the underside. Push down with enough pressure to hold it in place but make sure that you don’t press the ring out of shape.

Step 3.

Replace the toilet directly over the floor drain. Lower it into place with the mounting screws going up through the base. Press down and use a gentle rocking motion to help the wax ring form a tight seal.

Step 4.

Attach the washers and nuts that hold the toilet in place. These keep the toilet from rocking. Remember, don’t tightening them too tightly because you can crack the porcelain of the toilet.

Step 5.

Reattach everything. (Your water lines, etc.) After about an hour, recheck the toilet for any leaks that may occur. Check your toilet occasionally for about 24 hours to make sure that your wax seal has formed a tight and waterproof bond around the drain.

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