4 Signs Your Baby is Ready for Solid Foods

chubby-cheeks-361099-mHow do you know when it’s time to introduce solid foods to your baby? There are multiple signs you’ll want to look for before you pull out the plastic baby bibs and high chair. Here are four signs your baby is ready for solid foods. If you’re seeing all these signs in your baby, start stocking up on baby food and baby bibs online.

Sign #1 – Your Baby Can Sit Up with Little Support

Your baby needs to be able to sit up with little or no support before you begin feeding him solid foods. This position makes it easy for your baby to sit in the highchair. It also ensures that your baby can sit in a position that makes it easy to swallow foods without choking.

Sign #2 – The Tongue Thrust Reflex is Gone

Babies have a tongue thrust reflex when they are young, and this reflex will simply push solid foods out of the mouth if you try to feed your baby before the reflex is gone. Once this reflex is gone, you’re probably ready to begin trying solid foods.

Sign #3 – Your Baby is Interested in Your Food

Is your baby starting to show a lot of interest in your food? If so, he could be about ready to eat solid foods. Babies often start grabbing at foods when they are about ready to eat solids. When your baby shows interest in eating solids, along with some of the other signs, start buying baby food.

Sign #4 – Imitation of Eating Behaviors

When babies are ready for solid foods, they often start imitating eating behaviors. Do you notice that your baby is smacking his lips, gumming, and chewing? If so, this is another sign that you’re ready to start the fun of feeding your baby solid food.

In most cases, your baby will display all or most of these signs when he’s ready for solids. Watch for these signs so you can prepare for this new adventure.

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