Hardwood Flooring Instead of Carpet

open-loft-space-588411-mTo add value and beauty to your home, one of the best options when replacing flooring, are hardwood or wood laminate floors. Hardwood or laminates will complement any style and, especially in high traffic areas, they can be much harder wearing.
Hardwood floors work well throughout the house and in particular rooms where you want a special look such as the master bedroom or guest room. Carpeting doesn’t fit everywhere.
When the floor has to withstand wheelie-toys, running and lots of traffic, spills and general childhood wear and tear, a wooden floor gives you durability, ease of cleaning and beauty.
Wooden floors come in traditional woods such as walnut, oak, cherry, birch and maple plus other styles and many different colors. Wood laminates are printed to resemble all of the hard and soft woods found in nature as well as other materials as well.
Bamboo is now used because of its environmental credentials; it grows fast, is a sustainably produced product and when completely cured, is as hard as oak. Eucalyptus will give you the appearance of mahogany at half the price and is up to 20% harder than floors made of oak.
Having made your choice of the style of wood you want to use, your options are unfinished wooden planks or hardwood planks that are ready to lay and enjoy. Flooring that has been finished by the factory doesn’t require sanding or applications of stain and varnish or polyurethane. You or your installer will be able to install the planks without the wait, the dust or the smell.
While hardwood flooring doesn’t need to be replaced as often as carpeting, it probably could do with fairly regular waxing or polishing, and sanding, buffing and refinishing every now and again, especially in heavily used areas.
The range of wood laminates will surprise you. They come in everything from dark ebony to pine, with finishes that are either matte or high gloss. They also give you the option of different thicknesses.
With the tap-n-go system, you can lay a laminate floor reasonably quickly and much less expensively than hardwood floors. Laminates are also much easier to maintain, but laminates can’t be refinished for a different look.

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