Preparing Your Roof for Winter

roof in winterWith cold weather rapidly approaching, it’s time to get your home ready for the cold Nebraska winter. While it’s important to seal drafty doors and windows, it’s also the time of year to inspect your roofing. The Midwest experiences some very turbulent weather during the summer months and it can often cause damage that is invisible to the untrained eye.

Hail, wind, debris, and even the intense heat of a Nebraska summer can all cause damages to your roof. Roofers are familiar with the kind of damages that are common to the area and know exactly what to look for, which is one of the reasons that hiring a local roofer is generally a wise choice. Small cracks or dents in shingles that may not be an issue now, can become larger with the expansion and contraction that is caused by a drop in temperature. Something as simple as a few cold nights can create enough of a change to cause a leak.

The soundness of a roof is often taken for granted until a noticeable leak occurs, but by this time there may already be thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Unlike damage to your siding or other areas of the home, roof damage often isn’t noticed because it isn’t readily visible as you look at the house. In order to see damage to shingles or other areas of the roof you need to be on the roof, where most of us don’t want to be.

This year as you make your home ready for winter, don’t forget about the roof. Having your roof inspected by a trained professional, can ensure that your roof is ready to take on anything that Mother Nature can throw at it this winter.

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